Playlist plugin

This plugin adds support for playlists.


This documentation applies to Wowza Flowplayer Native v3.x . In previous releases, playlists were not implemented with a source loader, but a special initiliazation.


Include the plugin next to the core player:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>


The playlist elements are configured as an items: array in the configuration root src: object with the special type: "flowplayer/playlist" source type. Like standard video sources. See the code sample below.

The configuration lives under the playlist: namespace.

parameter options / example description
advance boolean true or false Whether to auto-advance to next clip. Boolean. Default: true.
delay integer 0 Seconds between clips. If larger than zero, will show a countdown screen between clips. Default 5.
loop boolean true or false Whether to loop the playlist and restart from the beginning after the last clip. Boolean. Default: false
controls string #fp-playlist-controls String selector where to, optionally, insert the visual playlist queue controller. If left blank, no UI is created. The corresponding <div> element can be placed anywhere on the page.
skip_controls boolean true or false Display playlist skip controls in the player control bar (if delay is greater than 0). Default: true
shuffle boolean true or false Setting this to true will randomize the playback order. Default: false.
start_index number 1 The index from which the playlist will start playing. Default: 0. v3.2.1+

A version number tag means the paramater is only availabe from that version on. deprecated: before the tag means the feature was removed or changed from that version on.

Playlist controller

If you use the controls: configuration option, the corresponding <div> with the same name will show a visual playlist queue control element with name, description (if configured in the player), and thumbnail of each element as well as start/pause buttons.


The Playlist API lives under the playlist namespace in the Player API.

API properties

property description
queue current playlist queue, includes idx , members, last_index
play(idx) play video at index idx
next() play next video
prev() play previous video
push(member) push a new video to the queue. Accepts either a player configuration object or an array of player configurations.
remove(idx) remove video at index idx
clear() clear whole queue

Properties of the queue element:

property description
idx index of currently playing video
members videos in the playlist queue
last_idx last possible index to play

API Events

Playlist related events can be found from and listened to using normal event listeners. Available events:

event description fired when the playlist is updated. Gets the updated video queue as parameter queue. fired when the playlist advances fired when the playlist is finished

Sample code

Common html

<!-- load standard player skin -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<!-- load player script -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- load playlist plugin -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- load hls script -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- load platform integration -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- player container -->
<div id="player_container"></div>
<!-- controls container -->
<div id="playlist_controls"></div>

Manual playlist configuration with full item source urls

flowplayer("#player", {
    // src configuration with special type
    src: {
        type: "flowplayer/playlist",
        items: [ { src: "//", title: "Bauhaus" },
                  {src: "//", title: "Functional"}
    // plalyist configuration
    playlist: {
        advance: true
    token: "<your token>"


Standard playlist


Playlist with selection controls