Consent plugin

With the Consent plugin, it's possible to tell the player whether it's allowed to send analytics and store data to browser by the player.


Load the Consent plugin next to the core player.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>


Without configuration, the player will default to not allow any tracking or storage when the Consent plugin is included.

The Consent plugin is configured with the top level configuration property consent. This is a bitmask property where the possible values can be found from flowplayer.consent.tracking and enumerations.


flowplayer("#player", {
  src: "my-source.mp4",
  consent: flowplayer.consent.tracking.ALL | // Allow all tracking, allow no storage

Tracking properties

To turn analytics on or off use the flowplayer.consent.tracking enumeration to construct the bitmask value.

The available properties are:

property description
flowplayer.consent.tracking.NONE No analytics or tracking are allowed to be sent by the player
flowplayer.consent.tracking.ALL Analytics tracking is allowed

Storage properties

By default, Wowza Flowplayer uses localStorage to store data that needs to persist between sessions. This data includes both functional properties (like volume state) and data that help Wowza to identify unique devices for both technical and analytics use cases.

You can use the enumeration to control the usage of browser storage.

Available properties are:

property description no data is allowed to be stored to be used between browser sessions. In other words, setting this value will make the player write into sessionStorage. use of localStorage is allowed