Gemius Analytics plugin

This is a plugin to send streaming analytics to Gemius.


  1. Load the Gemius library in to your page.
  2. Include the Gemius Flowplayer plugin in your page.
<!-- Gemius -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- load Flowplayer and the Gemius plugin -->
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

The PREFIX part should be replaced with a value dedicated for a given market. Refer to Gemius documentation for more information.

Configuration (mandatory)

The plugin has to be configured in the gemius namespace. All property names match the names used in Gemius documentation. Refer to their documentation for more information. The following properties are mandatory:

parameter description
playerID brand of the player
gemiusID tag identifier provided by Gemius
programID unique program identifier
additionalParameters a dictionary of additional parameters

Additional parameters

All of the additional parameters are mandatory for event tracking:

parameter description
programName title of the program
programType Video or Audio
programDuration duration of the content in seconds. -1 for Live.
currentDomain the domain of the video article
volume init volume
autoPlay init autoPlay

Example code

flowplayer("#player", {
    src: "//",
    token: "your token",
    gemius: {
      playerID: "1234",
      gemiusID: "1234",
      programID: "1234",
      additionalParameters: {
        programName: "Episode name",
        programType: "Video"
        programDuration: 450,
        currentDomain: "",
        volume: 0,
        autoPlay: false,