Chromecast plugin

The Chromecast plugin adds support for casting the video to Chromecast.


Include the plugin next to the core player:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Create a custom player with Chromecast support.


You can only cast from https sites. Insecure websites will not show the cast option.


The chromecast plugin is configured under the chromecast namespace.

property default description
crossOrigin false turns off anonymous crossorigin requests and, instead, sends cookies
app flowplayer.chromecast.apps.STABLE the application id the chromecast should use to display content

The app configuration property

The app property listed in the table above can be overridden if you have your own CAF Receiver Application registered with Google.


When integrating your own CAF Receiver Application, not all features may be available.

Wowza Flowplayer offers two public applications. Available applications are:

name symbollocation description
stable flowplayer.chromecast.apps.STABLE the stable release for our Chromecast Receiver application
canary flowplayer.chromecast.apps.CANARY the canary (latest release as quick as we can cut it, perfect for testing your code base against what is coming down the line) release for our Chromecast Receiver application

Example usage:

  { src: ""
  , chromecast: {app: flowplayer.chromecast.apps.CANARY}