Keyboard plugin

This is a helper plugin to enhance the Wowza Flowplayer accessibility features. The keyboard plugin allows you to navigate and control player elements using keyboard shortcuts.


Load the plugin next to the core player and any other plugins (share, subtitles, quality selection) you require.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>


There is currently one config option to determine the seek step interval when using the arrow or character keys to seek in the timeline.

The option is configured in the keyboard: root object.

Numbers below 1 are used as percentages of the whole running time (so 0.2 for a 40 second clip will result in an 8 second seek), 1 and above will seek in seconds.

option unit description example
seek_step percentage (0-0.99) or seconds (1-x) time in seconds or percentage of whole running time keyboard: {seek_step: 20} or keyboard: {seek_step: 0.2}


Player buttons and bars

Switch the element focus by using <tab> to select a button or bar and use the designated key to call an action.

If there is no focus on any specific element, you can toggle fullscreen, play/pause, and mute directly with the respective keyboard commands. While an element is focused, only the actions connected to the element can be called.

element action
<esc> fullscreen or menu leave fullscreen or close a selected menu
<spacebar> play button and seek (progress) bar toggle pause/play
<m> mute button and volume bar mute/unmute sound
<f> fullscreen button toggle fullscreen (you can exit fullscreen with Esc as well)
<arrow up> or <k> volume bar volume up
<arrow down>or <j> volume bar volume down
<arrow left>or <h> seek (progress) bar seek backward
<arrow right>or <l> seek (progress) bar seek backward

Menus and lists

if you select a menu like HD, audio selection, subtitles, share or speed, hit <spacebar> or <enter> to activate the menu and use the <arrow up> <arrow down> key to navigate to the desired list entry. Then, hit <spacebar> or <enter> <esc> to leave the menu.

Demo with standard settings


Demo with seek_step in seconds


Demo with seek_step in percentage