Authentication (1.x legacy API)

For security, all requests to the Wowza Video REST API must include authentication information in the header. Wowza Video uses JSON Web Token-based authentication, an open standard (RFC 7519) used for quickly and securely transmitting information in JSON format. You'll create an access token, or a JWT, in our Token Management portal and use it in your API requests.


This topic only applies to version 1.x of the REST API. Go to Authentication for 2.x authentication instructions.

1. Generate an access token (JWT)

You can generate access tokens, also called JWTs in API authentication, in the Wowza Video user interface. There are two types of access tokens:

  • Personal access token — Available to all users with a Wowza Video license. These tokens are specific to a user and can be used in API calls to do quick tests or manual actions that don't need to persist if the user leaves the organization.
  • System access tokens — Available to organization owners. These tokens are specific to the organization and transcend individual users who come into and leave an organization. For this reason, system access tokens are best used for integrations that go into production environments and need to persist after specific users leave an organization.

Use the following steps to generate your token:

  1. In the menu bar, click your user name and choose Account Settings .
  2. Make sure you're on the API Access tab, and then click Token Management in the Wowza API Authentication is Changing banner.

    Video Account Settings Updated

  3. In the Token Management portal, add a new token. Choose a personal access token or, if you're an organization owner, a system token. If you're an organization member who needs a system-level token that needs to persist, reach out to your organization owner.

    Make sure you copy the token and store it in a safe location; you won't see the token again later.

    Token Management Personal System

If you revoke a token, you'll need to update any integrations that use it to access the Wowza Video REST API.

2. Use JWT authentication

To use the JWT you generated in the Token Management portal, send it as a bearer token in an Authentication header of your API requests.

A request using the JWT authentication method looks like this:

curl -X GET \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \

In example requests shown in our example articles, we use environment variables for the JWT, host, and version number. See Using cURL to learn more.