Play a file on a loop with the Wowza Video REST API

When you create a live stream or transcoder that streams a file, you can configure the stream to play the file continuously on a loop by setting the file: repeat transcoder property. By default, files stream once then stop.

Before you start

You should have completed the following tasks:

Configure the file to play on a loop

You can use the following sample request, making sure to:

  • Set the transcoder_id in the request path to the transcoder ID for your transcoder or live stream.

Enabling this property overrides the idle timeout value for the transcoder. The transcoder will continue to run and accrue charges until manually stopped.

Endpoint Reference

curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \
-d '{
   "property": {
     "key": "repeat",
     "section": "file",
     "value": true
}' "${WV_HOST}/api/${WV_VERSION}/transcoders/[transcoder_id]/properties"

Next steps

You can use a schedule to automatically stop the transcoder at a specific date and time. For more information, see Schedule a transcoder with the Wowza Video REST API.

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