Record a specific output rendition

Learn how to use the Wowza Video REST API to record a specific output rendition for a transcoder. This allows you to include a watermark if the transcoder has one enabled. It also allows you to determine the quality of the recording by selecting a particular output rendition.

Before you start

You should complete the following tasks:

  • Create a transcoder with output renditions. You'll need the resulting transcoder_id to record a broadcast and the output_id if you would like to record a specific output rendition. View our connect a source topics to learn how to create a transcoder for RTMP, RTSP, IP camera, SRT encoder, UDP encoder, WebRTC, and Wowza Streaming Engine.

You should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Available workflows for recording streams. This workflow is for a very specific use case. Most use cases should record when the live stream or transcoder begins and shouldn't specify a specific output rendition.

If you're a Wowza Video subscriber, recordings created using the record property will not be available on the Asset Management page. If you want to mange your recording through asset management, set the save_asset parameter to true when creating a live stream. This will generate both a VOD stream and a recording.

Record a specific output rendition

Configure the transcoder to record a specific output rendition by setting the record transcoder output property to a specific output ID.

  1. Set the record transcoder property to the output ID for the output rendition you want to record.

    You can only record one output of a transcoder. If you specify a passthrough output as the recording source, Wowza Video uses the source stream from the encoder for the recording.

curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \
-d '{
     "property": {
       "key": "record",
       "section": "output",
       "value": "[output_id]"
    }' "${WV_HOST}/api/${WV_VERSION}/transcoders/[transcoder_id]/properties"
  1. If you have started a transcoder at any point before updating its transcoder property, you must reset the transcoder for the property to take effect. This step isn’t necessary if you haven’t started the transcoder at all.
curl -X PUT \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \

The transcoder is now configured to record the specified output rendition.

Next steps