Get engagement analytics in Wowza Video with the Wowza Video REST API

The engagement analytics data for a stream provides a concise overview of viewer retention throughout a stream. It presents the initial viewer count and tracks how the viewer engagement evolves as the stream progresses. This helps content creators track when and where viewers drop off, enabling them to pinpoint the moments of decreased interest or engagement.

Analyzing this data helps creators optimize their content, strategically place ads or important information, and enhance strategies for retaining viewer interest throughout the stream.

Get engagement analytics for a VOD stream

See engagement data for a VOD stream by sending a GET request to the /analytics/engagement/vod_stream/{id} endpoint.

You can use the following request, making sure to:

  • Set id to the id of the specific VOD stream.
  • Set from and to to get historic data.
  • Set include if you need the trend data returned.

If you don't send to and from query parameters, the last 30 days worth of data is returned.

Sample request

Endpoint Reference

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}" \ 
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 
  -X "GET" \ 

Sample response

The response includes various metrics of the engagement data for a specific VOD stream including:

  • the VOD stream id - a unique id that identifies the VOD stream.
  • play_rate - the ratio of plays to displays of the stream.
  • completion_rate - the ratio of viewers who play the video to those who stream it until the end.
  • avg_seconds_watched - the average number of seconds the viewers viewed the stream.
  • avg_percentage_watched - the average time watched in percentage.
  • trend - represents the percentage_watched and the number of viewers at a specific interval.
  "vod_stream": { 
    "id": "tvctq36g", 
    "play_rate": 0.2, 
    "completion_rate": 0.42, 
    "avg_seconds_watched": 302, 
    "avg_percentage_watched": 67, 
    "total_seconds_watched": 77699, 
    "trend": [ 
        "percent": 12, 
        "viewers": 7 
        "percent": 13, 
        "viewers": 7 
  "limits": { 
    "from": "2024-03-14T10:31:54.000Z", 
    "to": "2024-04-13T10:31:54.000Z"