Wowza Video REST API Reference Documentation (v1.10)

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Want to take the API for a test run?

All you'll need is a Wowza Video subscription, or free trial, for the API access token. Then, fork our collection in Postman and you'll be making calls to our REST API in minutes!

See Trial the Wowza Video REST API using Postman for more information.

This reference documentation provides details about the operations, parameters, and request and reponse schemas for every resource and endpoint in the Wowza Video REST API. Samples appear in the right column. Sample requests are presented in cURL (Shell) and JavaScript; some samples also include just the JSON object. Response samples are all JSON. Examples in cURL use environment variables so you can easily copy and paste them. To learn more, see Using cURL.

Reference documentation is available for every version of the API. Use the Version menu at the top of the page to access the reference doc for a different version of the API.