Player Troubleshooting

Find quick solutions to common player related issues.

Token issue

The message below displays in the player if the player either misses a token or uses an invalid token. The troubleshooting scenario is slightly different depending on the type of embed you are using.

id="token" Invalid token 
  • First, make sure you have added a token to the player config.
  • Next, if you have a token in the player config, make sure that the token is a valid token for your account. This can be done by reviewing the Token configuration section.
  • If your account is active and you get this error message, you should contact support .

Element ID and UMD Conflict

If you create an element with an id that conflicts with a umd global, you may experience the following issue: Named acccess on the window object. This is especially important in single-page applications where DOM nodes may be both rendered and removed very quickly during a session.


As a rule, never create elements that have ids which conflict with umd namespaces.

// import the flowplayer umd
<script src="">
// uh oh, we just removed the umd
<div id="flowplayer">
// attempt to create a flowplayer instance
  // flowplayer umd is now the `<div>` element
  // browsers implicitly add global variables to
  // the window object by DOM id

Using async attribute with flowplayer assets

It is possible to add an async attribute to a <script> tag. Some resources tout this as a way to speed up webpage loading. But, by adding this attribute, you are telling the javascript parser that the order that this script is evaluated in is unimportant. This can be problematic when attempting to wire plugins together by loading only the subresources needed.


Generally speaking, do not add async to our asset tags.

Incompatible libraries

Below is a list of third party libraries that are known to cause potential problems either for playback or ad playback. We recommmend thorough testing before using these libraries simultaneously with Flowplayer.

  • lazysizes - On some setups, there are incompatibilites with lazysizes and the IMA SDK on iOS, resulting in ad playback problems on iPhones.

How can I enable Flash support

Flash is deprecated and no longer supported by Adobe or Flowplayer.