Subtitles can enhance the viewing experience by providing text-based translations or transcriptions for audio content. When you use this features of the React Native SDK, you can integrate subtitles within your video playback experience while providing multilingual support and accessibility options to users.

Before you start

To configure subtitles for use with the player in your React Native application, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Configure your subtitles

With the React Native SDK, you can incorporate subtitles into the player display for your React Native applications. All subtitle configurations must be completed in the Wowza Video platform, where you can manually create subtitles or import subtitle tracks from an existing VTT file. For more, see Add subtitles to a video and Manage subtitles in the files list.

For example, if you take this subtitle configuration from Wowza Video:

Wowza Video subtitle configuration

It translates to this display and subtitle options in our React Native demo application: